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Extech test and instruments
Air Flow Meters

AN200: CFM/CMM Mini Thermo-Anemometer with built-in InfraRed Thermometer

AN500: Hot Wire CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer

AN340: CMM/CFM Anemometer/Psychrometer Datalogger

Extech 407113 Heavy Duty CFM Metal Vane Anemometer

Battery Testers

BT100: Battery Capacity Tester

Borescope Cameras

BR90: Borescope Inspection Camera

HDV650W-30G: HD VideoScope Wireless Plumbing Kit with HDV600 Monitor and 30m Probe


Extech SD910: 3-Channel DC Voltage datalogger

Extech SD900: 3-Channel DC Current Datalogger

PRC15: Current and Voltage Calibrator/Meter

PRC20: Thermocouple Calibrator

Force Gauges

475055: High Capacity Force Gauge

475040-SD: Digital Force Gauge/Datalogger

Gas Detectors and Analyzers

RD300: Refrigerant Leak Detector

EZ40: EzFlex™ Combustible Gas Detector

Humidity Meters | Hygrometers

RH490: Precision Hygro-Thermometer

RH550: Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder with Touch Screen

SD700: Barometric Pressure/Humidity/Temperature Datalogger

RH520A: Humidity+Temperature Chart Recorder with Detachable Probe


EXTECH 380193: Passive Component LCR Meter

Extech LCR200 Passive Component LCR Meter

Magnetic Field Meters

SDL900: AC/DC Magnetic Meter/Datalogger


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