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PFX2400 Series

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PFX2400 Series Battery and Capacitor Testers KIKUSUI

PFX2400 Series Capacitor Tester For EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor)

The Capacitor Tester PFX2400 Series is dedicated to design charge/discharge testers for electric double layer capacitors. The voltage rating is 5V, targeting single-cell batteries, and a lineup of 4 models is available: 5A/12-ch, 35A/4-ch, 70A/2-ch, and 140A/1-ch. In recent years, the electric double layer capacitor has been increasing its capacity, and it can be used in electric automobiles as power sources for starting the engine and for assistance during acceleration. Wider use of these capacitors is expected as a new energy source for raising automobile fuel economy and also improving exhaust quality. The Capacitor Tester PFX 2400 Series meets the need for more advanced and specialized tests related to the two key issues facing the wider use of electric double layer capacitors: power storage technologies and power management (energy optimization).
  • Static electricity capacity measurement
    (JIS C5160, JIS D1401 and others)
  • Internal resistance measurement
    (JIS D1401 and others)
  • Charge/discharge efficiency measurement
    (JIS D1401 and others)
  • Charge/discharge cumulative electricity measurement

System Configuration

Exclusive application software, SD008-PFX2400 is required to run the PFX2400 series.For configuration of the system, in addition to the PFX2400 series and SD008-PFX2400, you will need a PC, network hub, LAN cable and load cable (optional).

Application software SD008-PFX2400

The SD008-PFX2400 package contains following application software.



Using the PFX2400 series with this application software, you can create test conditions for the cycle test, voltage hold test and charge/discharge efficiency test and execute the tests.
An operation panel is provided independently for each channel, and individual test per channel can be executed. For setting the test conditions, selections for JIS D 1401 and JIS C 5160 are provided. You can easily set the capacitor test conditions based on the JIS. The test results are saved in text files (CSV format); so it can be used with other spreadsheet software.


  • Data saving in 1 ms at the fastest *1
  • Capable of controlling up to 96 channels *2
  • Channel number setting
  • Setting and saving the test conditions
  • Start and stop of the test, pause and alarm reset
  • Display of test results
  • Creation and saving of test result files (CSV format)
  • Monitoring of measured values (Charge/discharge currents, terminal voltage and reference electrode potential)
  • Display of HOVP setting voltage
  • Rest time extension function

*1 The required data can be easily saved by high-speed import in sections with status change points and a large amount of data change and by data import triggerΔT in sections with a small amount of data change.
*2 The number of controllable channels varies by data acquisition intervals. The guideline for the capacity to control 96 channels is: 10 minutes for 1 cycle, ΔV: 0.5% of the set voltage, ΔI: 0.5% of the cut current and ΔT: 10 seconds. For details, please contact our sales department. Note that the number of channels that can be displayed on one screen without a scroll is 12 at the maximum.

IP Configuration Tool *3

The IP Configuration Tool is to set the IP address and channel number of the Capacitor Tester PFX2411. The IP address and channel number can be changed by this software.

- IP address: to
- Channel number: 0 to 256

*3 When using only 1 unit of the PFX2400 series, IP Configuration Tool is not required. Even when IP Configuration Tool is not used, it is necessary to set the IP address and subnet mask of the personal computer with which CPChecker2400 is used according to the range of IP address of the PFX2400 series.

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