BT100: Battery Capacity Tester

BT100: Battery Capacity Tester

Checks battery condition in seconds while the battery is in service


The Extech BT100 is a Battery Capacity Tester. Product can be used to test the condition of batteries quickly and easily. As an AC milliohm-meter, the tester measures DC voltage and AC resistance while the battery is in use, helping to save time on repetitive testing trials or large quantities of batteries.

 Extech BT100
Specifications Range Resolution Basic Accuracy
Resistance 40mΩ, 400mΩ, 4Ω, 40Ω 10µΩ, 100µΩ, 1mΩ, 10mΩ ±(1% reading ± 10d)
Voltage 4V, 40V 1mV, 10mV ±(0.1% reading ±6d)
Max Input Voltage 50VDC
Manual Datalogging 999 sets
Continuous Datalogging 9600 sets
Power 6 AA batteries
Battery life 7 hours
Dimensions 9.75 x 4 x 1.75'' (250 x 100 x 45 mm)
Weight 17.5oz (500g)

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