DC, 0.1 Hz to 5 MHz, 3-phase 4-wire, High Precision Power Analyzer for Motor and Inverter Efficiency Analysis

The PW8001 sets a new benchmark for complete power analysis solutions with Hioki being the only manufacturer that offers industry-leading power analyzers and a wide portfolio of high-accuracy current sensors both developed and manufactured by Hioki. This enables to align their performance and results in more accurate and stable measurements from DC to high frequencies and low power factor measurements thanks to functions like the automatic phase shift correction.

Upcoming industry challenges are anticipated with the ability to measure even large currents at voltages up to 1500 V, 15 MS/s sampling rate and multi-channel measurement target applications using SiC/GaN semiconductors from automobile electrification, smart grids and reactors to renewable energy supply sources.

Key Features

  • World-class measurement accuracy: Basic accuracy ±0.03%, DC accuracy ±0.05%, 50 kHz accuracy 0.2% (*1)
  • Accurate capture of power fluctuations caused by high-speed switching: Sampling performance 18-bit, 15 MHz, Noise Resistance (CMRR) 110 dB, 100 kHz (*1)
  • Up to 8 power channels optimizing your measurement: 8-channel power measurement
  • Accurately measure high-frequency, low-power-factor power: Current sensor automatic phase correction function (*2)
  • Simultaneous analysis of 4 motors: 4-motor/2-motor simultaneous analysis function
  • Integration of measurement data into CAN networks: CAN or CAN FD output function
  • Safe evaluation of increasingly high-voltage solar inverters: 1500 V DC CAT II / 1000 V DC CAT III (*3)
  • Earning Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS) Certification for DC Power Measurement. (*4)
  • *1:When using the 15MS/S Input Unit U7005
  • *2:When used with a current sensor with automatic phase correction functionality
  • *3:When using the 2.5MS/S Input Unit U7001
  • *4:JCSS is standard that is satisfy the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard.

Basic specifications

Accuracy guaranteed for 6 months, multiply the 6-month accuracy reading error by 1.5 to obtain the 1-year accuracy.
Measurement lines 1-phase-2-wire, 1-phase-3-wire, 3-phase-3-wire, 3-phase-4-wire
No. of PW8001 input units Max. 8 units (mix and match)
Type of input unit U7001 2.5 MS/s INPUT UNIT
U7005 15 MS/s INPUT UNIT
Measurement frequency band U7001: DC, 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz
U7005: DC, 0.1 Hz to 5 MHz
Sampling U7001: 2.5 MHz, 16-bit
U7005: 15 MHz, 18-bit
Data update rate 10 ms, 50 ms, 200 ms
Accuracy for power (U7001) 50/60 Hz: 0.02% of reading + 0.05% of range
DC: 0.02% of reading + 0.05% of range
50 kHz : 0.4% of reading + 0.1% of range
Accuracy for power (U7005) 50/60 Hz : 0.01% of reading + 0.02% of range
DC : 0.02% + 0.03% of reading of range
50 kHz: 0.15% of reading + 0.05% of range
Measurement range Voltage: 6 V, 15 V, 30 V, 60 V, 150 V, 300 V, 600 V, 1500 V
Current: (probe1) 100 mA to 2 kA, (probe2) 100 mA to 50 kA
(Range configuration changes depending on the current sensor used, U7001 only for Probe2.)
Measurement parameters voltage (U), current (I), active power (P), apparent power (S), reactive power(Q), power factor (λ), phase angle (φ), voltage frequency(fU), current frequency(fI), efficiency (η), loss (Loss), voltage ripple factor (Urf), current ripple factor (Irf), current integration (Ih), power integration (WP), voltage peak (Upk), current peak (Ipk)

- Harmonics measurement: maximum analysis order 500th
- Waveform recording: recording capacity 5M words × ( [voltage/current] ) × - No. of channels + motor waveforms)
- Motor analysis (option): voltage, torque, RPM, frequency, slip, motor power
- FFT analysis*
- Flicker measurement*
Calculation function Efficiency and loss calculations, User-defined calculations*, Delta conversion, Current sensor automatic phase shift calculation
External interface USB flash drive, LAN, GP-IB, RS-232C, external control, optical link*, BNC sync.*, CAN or CAN FD*
Power supply 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 230 VA
Dimensions and mass Approx. 430 mm (16.93 in) W × 221 mm (8.70 in) H × 361mm (14.21 in) D, Approx. 14kg (493.84 oz)
Accessories - Power cord ×1
- Instruction Manual ×1
- GENNECT One (PC applications) CD ×1
- D-sub 25-pin connector ×1 (PW8001-02, -05, -12, -15 only)
  • *To be supported in Ver. 2.00